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About us

Comexfi Consulting is a team of experts aimed at becoming your best international development focused expert-partner. Our team is committed to provide the highest professional standards.

Our team is trained to recognize unique potentials, specific needs and reserves of your company while consistently updating our knowledge of specific market opportunities and conditions. We are a team of experts with rich experience in new market entry planning and execution: be it via the establishment of import partnerships, creation of distribution channel, delivery chain as well as new branch opening. We specialize in the best Sales and Development Reinforcement Solutions designing and Trade Finance Management.

In the times of economic crisis, and in the midst of the globalization process, international expansion results to be a great solution as well as the best strategy for companies profitability enhancement and sales reinforcement.

Although the future of every company is dependent on its profitability, an exclusive focus on maximization of production and profit is not sufficient. Sustainable development depends on creation of competitive advantage. It is a result of important factors such as the innovation, right decisions, effective communication, sustainable financial solutions implementation, product quality management, understanding of clients and local market.

At Comexfi Consutling, we focus on the creation of competitiveness added value taking into account these factors and your USP thanks to qualified, innovative and accurate work.


  • Professionalism: First of our fundamental values consists in our commitment to professionalism that is a result of applied expert knowledge, accurate decision making, its implementation and creativity along with assertiveness when facing difficulties in overseas markets.
  • Sustainability: We believe that sustainable profit depends on knowledge, experience, monitoring, attentive evaluation, consistent updates and innovation as well as high professional and moral standards.
  • Transparency: Transparency does not consist exclusively in transparent treatment of the information; it also consists in transparent communication, so that clients can follow, understand and learn all implementation steps.
  • Trust and Confidentiality: We assume responsibility for our client company development as if it is our own. Sincerity towards us and our values creates room for trust and confidentiality, which we base our endurable relationships with our clients as well as partners on.

The Comexfi team was designed to become your strategic and result focused partner. We will guide you to understand the markets, the clients and your product in the context of its potential and specific market (segment) opportunities. We specialize in new market entry strategy planning and provision of its executive management.

Our team consists of experts specialized in designing and execution of foreign trade and financial solutions focused on the best development and sales performance while cutting costs. Through understanding your company unique potential, consistently updated with new market opportunities and specific conditions, we enhance your competitive advantage and turn your reserves into gain. We are experts in new market entry execution: be it via the establishment of import partnerships, creation of distribution channel, delivery chain as well as new stationary opening.

Comexfi Consulting brings you expert knowledge and long term business experience in Morocco, Spain and France

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