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   Only in our areas of expertise:

Comexfi consultingBest export candidate provides access and activities to wide international recruitment resources, attracting the right and the accurate talent to your company.

We are specialised in recruiting talented individuals that bring knowledge and value to strengthen the international expansion and trade finance of your company. We never work outside the field of our expertise and we aim to be known as one of the best professional recruiter in international Trade and banking, in particular in trade finance expertise.

In the 4 countries, we are proud to offer specialized structures to find high quality professionals for a variety of roles in Trade finance, banking solutions, international business development all with tested languages skills.

    What make us different:

We take seriously the recruitment of professionals because they play a critical role as a key entry in new markets. We think that we are different because we strongly assess the position to cover, its environment of work and our specialists in the recruitment area will understand and share your concerns to find the best candidate.

   Where we look for the ideal candidate:

Thanks to our specialised recruitment structures we are able to develop a candidate research in United Kingdom, Spain, France and Morocco using the correspondent language of each country.

Operating in these 4 countries allows professionals who are looking for a new position to rely on us to find their ideal job.

  Common professional roles selection:

  1. Commercial / Purchasing: Export / Import assistant, commercial export, export manager…
  2. Transit / Customs: Transit Agent, declaring customs, import customer service …
  3. Financial / Bank: International trade, crédocs specialist export recovery / Roles in Trade Finance ..


Doing business inteInternational and trade financeinternationally or willing to be involved leads to challenge a constantly changing operational environment along increasing local competition. By attending our trainings, Staff and executives update their international knowledge, skills and ability to develop strategies for moving your company across overseas markets cost-effectively, gaining competitiveness.

International trade is a very complex domain difficult to master given the cultural differences. Understanding the cultural aspects of international business and the specific key to do business in each country are covered by Comexfi Consulting trainings.

    Common training subjects

  1. How to succeed in International development.
  2. Starting trade in overseas markets.
  3. Trade finance banking solutions for international businesses.
  4. How to improve your international competitiveness.
  5. Negotiating with international banks.
Mistakes in grammar and language in international correspondence may lead to misinterpretation and low credibility. At Comexfi Consulting, we take seriously this crucial element in negotiated documents and marketing actions.


Accurate and detail French Spanish translation

The right word at the right place

International correspondence may reflect the image of your company, business document should therefore be clear, concise and correct in grammar and spelling.

Comexfi consulting provides first class service in business document translation to French and Spanish from English.



French Spanish agreement correspondence

We have a strong international business and finance knowledge, a wide vocabulary and the ability to express your ideas concisely.

In proofreading, we carefully check over the text in finer detail to detect errors in spelling, punctuation, format and grammar. We edit before according to your business and country of destination performing a careful analysis and critical thinking.


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