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Coaching & Ideas

At Comexfi consulting, we are proud of coaching knowledge and understanding of a variety of styles, skills and techniques that enable both individual and corporate clients to achieve their full potential.

Our aim is to heidelp individuals and corporate to explore their needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought tailored processes to assist them in making real successful achievements.

Sometimes its just a matter to have an opinion or strategy opinion or to invigorate motivation after hard situations. We are here to help.


 Our main processes in coaching include:

  1. Support in setting appropriate goals and methods related to strategy and goals
  2. Creative techniques in one-to-one training and counselling.
  3. Commitment to action and personal growth.
  4. Objective measures within personal competence and achievements.
  5. Strong and trustful client relationship based on values.

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idee exch

Sometimes is not a matter of trade, process or finance. Success in international markets also depends on ideas and problem solving. We centralize efforts of real multicultural brainstorming groups that come to develop great and accurate ideas for businesses and propose solutions to whatever issues linked to international matters.

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